A Christmas on the Farm

christmas on the farm

Australian-American actress Poppy Montgomery stars in this rom-com that will be on Stan starting December 1. It is a breezy, festive and fun movie. It is written by Jennifer Notas Shapiro (Christmas Lost and Found, Wrapped Up in Christmas) and directed by Christopher Weekes. It also stars Nicholas Brown, Darren McMullen, Hugh Sheridan and more.

A Christmas on the Farm is a joyful romantic comedy that follows the annual holiday tradition on Stan after 2020’s hit success of A Sunburnt Christmas. The film is produced by Tracey Robertson, Nathan Mayfield and Tracey Vieira from award-winning production company Hoodlum. It is executive produced by Poppy Montgomery, Ruthanne Secunda and Jennifer Notas Shapiro with investment support from Screen Queensland.

In this charming and festive film, Jack London (Darren McMullen) reunites with his father’s old friend Emmy (Poppy Montgomery) who has just published a book about her idyllic life on an Australian farm. The book is a bestseller and Emmy’s publisher has hired Ellison London (Jeanette Cronin) to promote it in New York City.

Emmy is excited about the deal, but it soon becomes clear that it’s not as easy as she thought. When publishing CEO Ellison London’s (Jeanette Cronin) handsome adult son Jack (Darren McMullen) arrives, Emmy has to hide her past and rework the manuscript in record time. She’s also pushed to be a good mother.

At the same time, the kids struggle to adjust to being away from home and they aren’t sure if it’s really worth it. But when a visit to the farm is in order, they soon discover that the place is actually a paradise for children, where they can play games, ride horses and even meet Santa!

The tree farming industry is a booming one in the US, with estimates of 25-30 million trees sold annually. The demand for real Christmas trees is increasing as people seek an authentic holiday experience and a more natural environment for their families.

For farmers who love growing Christmas trees, opening a farm is a lucrative and rewarding opportunity. There are a lot of reasons to consider this type of agricultural diversification, including the fact that a farm can generate much-needed income during times of economic uncertainty.

In a farming context, this can be particularly valuable as farms are often forced to cut costs to remain profitable and keep their customers happy. But if a farmer isn’t careful, they can fall into the trap of planting too many trees too early or having poor sales plans that result in the farm becoming a forest rather than a tree farm.

Despite these potential risks, there are some very good farms that have managed to thrive in this market. A couple of these are Kruse Christmas Farm in Grundy County, Iowa, which operates a farm that grows both corn and trees on its property, and the Owasso Christmas Tree Farm in Oklahoma.

With a long-standing reputation for producing top-quality, fresh cut Christmas trees, this family farm is one of the finest in the state. They grow a variety of tree types, including Douglas Fir and Noble Fir. They also offer a wide selection of wreaths, garlands and other accessories.

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