How to Choose a Chandelier For Foyer Lighting

chandelier for foyer

Foyers are often the first impression guests have of your home, so it’s important to make a good impression with a stylish chandelier. A foyer chandelier is a great way to showcase your decorative style, whether it’s subtle Mid-Century Modern majesty or elegant Old Hollywood glamour. Whatever your design aesthetic, TopModern has the perfect chandelier to add a touch of class to your entryway.

The size of your foyer will determine how large a chandelier you can use, but don’t be afraid to go big! The larger the chandelier, the more drama it will add to your foyer.

A two-story foyer can benefit from a larger chandelier, but if you have limited space for lighting, you can still make a statement with a smaller fixture. In this case, a chandelier with lots of candles or crystals will be more visually appealing than one that is too small.

Using a simple formula, Del Mar Fans and Lighting suggests that your foyer’s square footage should be divided into three equal parts, which will help you find the ideal chandelier height. In this scenario, a foyer with a 12 foot ceiling should have the chandelier located in the top third of the area (24 inches).

If you want to keep things light and bright, consider adding additional fixtures to your foyer. A pair of wall sconces flanking the front door or a floor lamp on a side table will offer additional illumination and complement your chandelier nicely.

A small foyer with low ceilings will probably be better served by a flush-mounted ceiling fixture instead of a hanging one. However, a number of open cage lanterns and other pendants with clean lines have become extremely popular as foyer lighting options. They don’t have the same opulent appeal as traditional chandeliers, but they do offer an elevated look that will set a sophisticated tone for your home.

Foyers that feature vaulted or sloped ceilings are usually best served by a multi-tiered chandelier. This will provide ample illumination without overwhelming the space. For example, the Paso Robles chandelier from Troy Lighting offers a chiseled iron finish that pairs well with rustic and farmhouse-inspired homes. It also features three height-adjustable rods and rounded canopies that are compatible with sloped ceilings.

Another way to add flair to a vaulted or sloped ceiling is to install a recessed fixture that reflects the shape of your foyer’s molding. The mirrored surface will add light and depth to the room, while also helping to visually expand the space.

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